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Ideas and enjoyment...                        ​

I individually design and make all of my jewellery in my Norfolk studio. My designs evolve slowly as I make them, so each piece is unique.

 The inspiration for each individual piece starts from something I see around me - on a olive tree filled Greek island, on the twinkling blue Greek sea, the rocky shore line or in the varied leafy green countryside where I live. 

I spend many hours enjoying designing and creating something special from a sheet of sterling silver. 

Come and meet me and see my jewellery at various craft fairs I am attending this year. There is a list on my 'About' page. ​

Quality and finish...

My jewellery is made from sterling silver.  Some pieces are  embellished with brass, copper, gold leaf,​ glass enamel and semi precious stones.

Due to the unusual and individual design of my Jewellery it is not perfect like jewellery shops. It is all hand forged and polished so some blemishes and knocks may be visible, but I feel it is part of my jewellery. I don't aim for a high end factory finish.

I send all my jewellery to be hallmarked at the London Assay Office, with the exception of some earrings and rings which weigh less than 7.78 grams.  A hallmark is your guarantee of quality.

I take many photographs of objects or views that inspire me when travelling or at home. Here are some examples of images that  have given me the inspiration to make some unusual pieces